Mormon Key to Maya Code, by Robert A. Pate, PhD.

Mormon Key to Maya Code, by Robert A. Pate, PhD.See purchase options below text.

      As Joseph was promised, “I will cause the earth to testify of the truth of these things.”  And so it has.  We are being flooded with information that can be appreciated by those seeking to know.  If one is ignorant, it is by choice.  But even education can narrow ones focus to where the obvious is no longer obvious.  It is the ability to “think outside the box” that has led to the author’s success in finding the Book of Mormon lands, cities, and peoples – including a Chinese silk connection.

      Some operate under the misconception that the “discontinuity” in the Nephite occupation of the Book of Mormon lands led to a “loss of continuity” in place names and peoples’ names.  A more careful reading of the Book of Mormon tells a very different story.  The only thing that was “discontinuous” was the righteousness of the peoples.  All apostates, dissenters, and deserters over the many centuries were automatically numbered among the Lamanites – DNA and all.

      The recent evidence indicates that there were enough survivors to provide continuity in the habitation of all the important cities mentioned in the Book of Mormon.  The four Nephite tribes have been found as the Quiché branch of the Maya.  The Zoramites, Mulekites, and Ishmaelites form the Kakchiquel branch of the Maya today.  A Jaredite residual forms the Mam branch of the Maya.  The Gadianton and Kishkumen tribes (the “eagles” and the “weasels”) form the Tz’utujil branch of the Maya.

      At the time of the Spanish Conquest they still occupied their same lands with the exception that the Nephites (as the common enemy) were completely driven out of Zarahemla, but they continued to occupy everything from Bountiful to Cumorah.

      Thanks to the native “chroniclers”, we have their version of Mormon’s story.  Read on to see their accounts of the hanging of Zemnarihah and the battle at Cumorah.

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